Secure payment

Cash On Delivery (CoD)


Using Paypal

The most widely used and most secure payment gateway on the Internet, Paypal covers you from buyer protection throughout your purchase. We encourage our clients to pay through Paypal since we can cover you with anything requested.

By Eurobank Payment Gateway

We also offer payment through Eurobank EFG ProxyPay3 Gateway. Keep in mind that we do not hold any information about your credit card, all data transmition is done through the secure ProxyPay3 gateway. For any transaction using this payment, the client is responsible to input all valid data concerning the credit card. 

By wire transfer

In case you do not have credit card, or you do not want to use it through Paypal, we can cover your purchases with bank wire transfer. Our details are shown at the final step of the order, when you choose wire transfer as payment.


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